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by Kate Wadkins
Feminist punk, experimental art, and more.

by Dan Massoglia
If all you need is links about feminism, Twitter, and making fun of white men.

by Joe Steinhardt
This was a depressing year for punk and independent music.

by Jes Skolnik
Things that I loved in 2013.

by David Goldberg
The year's best and worst on-screen superheroines.

by Ari Spool
And I didn't become an asshole.

by Jenn Pelly
Things that saved me
this year.

by Madeline Burrows
The unpredictable and unglamorous side of live theater.

by Chris Lee
The biggest stories from a narrow field.

by Tao Lin
A reading list for 2014.

by Lou Kishfy
My year with Drake.

by Faye Orlove
All my friends are getting married.

by Marisa Dabice
Year-end feelings.

by Joe DiFazio
Across the country in 13 pix.

by Mike Caulo
A very useful and informative year-end reflection.

by John Flynn
My varied year in music.

by Liz Pelly
Reflections on a really
strange year.

Year of the "Gay Disco" by Casey Herz
A complication of 2013 performances of "Trash Bed" by Guerilla Toss.

by Kerry Cardoza
House shows, Beyonce, and feminist readings.

by Ethan M. Long
Reflections on my favorite music of 2013.

by Tim Manns
Patch Concept 2.

Twenty-five by Sean Gray
25 songs I enjoyed this year.

by Matt Orlove
and Kevin Downs
Batman: Last Call.

by Krystina Krysiak
My 12 favorites from the last
12 months.

by Jonathan Williger
Long live brick and mortar
music retail.

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