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Across the country in 13 pix / by Joe DiFazio

These photos were taken in LA, Vermont, New Hampshire, Chicago, Indiana, Cape Cod, New York, New Haven, and Needham, MA. I’ve traveled more then I ever have this year because I moved back east from LA to Boston, and a job I had sent me all over New England and to Chicago. I had a lot of time to lose and redevelop my sense of home. I spent a lot of time by myself and exploring this year, and the move from west to east gave me an appreciation for the slight variances in the look and feel of places, even if they aren’t very far part. I hope you enjoy the photos from this year, check up with me next year for more.

Joe Difazio is a photographer, writer, and videographer based in Boston. If you need to know where to go to get pizza in several major cities, he's your go to. You can keep up with his work at

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