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House shows, Beyonce, and feminist readings /
by Kerry Cardoza

2013 was a strange year for me and I'm glad to see it end.  It was a year I spent without a job in a new city where I didn't really no anyone.  Thus I was able to spend most of the year in reflection, not just these past few weeks.

Since I had so much "free time" (time is a social construct) coupled with no money, I was able to live a pretty idealized version of life.  It was the kind of life you might imagine leading in retirement.  I went running a lot, rode my bike everywhere (including to the beach all summer), read books I've been meaning to read and did lots of thinking.  It was a great reminder that you should be living the life you want to live now.

I also realized that while we all know the "world is bullshit" (thank you Fiona Apple), there is still plenty that is worthwhile and inspiring in it.  One of the these things is the creation this year of this site, The Media.  In a time when there is much bemoaning about the decline of print, longform journalism, and literacy in general, the existence of this site is evidence to the contrary.  Not only are the contributors involved in changing their worlds in countless inspiring ways, the ethos behind Liz and Faye's vision for the site remind us everyday that an alternate world is possible.  Independent media is something I am very grateful for having in this country and The Media is a shining example of what this media can be.  It is an honor to have contributed this year and I am beyond excited to see what the new year will bring.

The following is a short list of other things that got me through 2013.  A blessed new year to all.

-Reading Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology on the beach and learning more about the forgotten history of publishing by radical women of color in Boston.

-playing a house show with Mother Tongue after barely practicing for months and completely killing our set.  Our cover of Dylan's "All the Tired Horses" was one of my most played tracks of the year.

-seeing Beyoncé with my BFF and being surrounded by throngs of beautiful, smiling women, united in our love and appreciation for Queen B.  It truly felt like there was enough girl power in there to run the world.

-finishing Susan Faludi's New Yorker profile on Shulamith Firestone while walking through Blackstone Park on a beautiful spring day.  Tears were streaming down my face at the tragedy of her passing.

Kerry is a freelance writer and summer enthusiast. Since 2007, she has published Girl Talk, a feminist zine and blog. She co-operates Amigos, a small press (and sometimes shop) that focuses on zines, artists' books, and art ephemera. Kerry also plays guitar in Mother Tongue. Follow her on Twitter @booksnotboys or @mothert0ngue

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