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Destroy catchy music before it destroys you / by Ian F Svenonius

When a person walks down the street, an everyday setting might trigger remembrance of a song. As the lyrics convulsively unfold, an association between that moment, memory, and music is revealed; the song, instead of just being some random thought, was actually triggered by some stimuli or situation one had just encountered. Leaving a place might put the song "Leaving Here" or "Go Now" into one's head for example, or perhaps the connection is less obvious. The associative lyric might not even show up 'til the third stanza or fourth verse or something, at which point the singer is wowed by . . .

On sexism and audio engineering /
by Allison Smartt

Six techies, five men and one woman are playing cards backstage waiting for their performance to begin. The female techie says to one of the male techies, “Sexism is a huge issue in the workplace.” The male techie responds, “That’s still an issue?” Cue: Rimshot and facepalm.

Sadly, this joke is a real story from my seemingly bottomless treasure trove of ironic and sickening examples of sexism I’ve experienced as a female audio engineer. Typically, when I mention sexism in our workplace, the reaction is either of genuine surprise or . . .

by Eloy Lugo and Ali Koehler

A dreamy live performance in Brooklyn


by Noah Klein
(become what you are).

by Max Stoked
Aww look, a heart-shaped rock!

by Katie Alice Greer
The fourth installment: an interview with Ahmad Zaghal.

by Pandora Christ
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