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A collaboratively remembered history of an international collective

Over the years, I have been continuously drawn to FMLY for its radical positivity, emphasis on community, and unpretentious open-mindedness. In plain terms, FMLY is a socially conscious collective of artists, musicians, writers, bloggers, organizers, bike enthusiasts, and general new-friend-seekers that span the globe, connected by recurring festivals in various cities, a letter-writing project, group bike rides, and the Internet. Throughout my various adventures through music communities over the past five years, FMLY has remained a breath of fresh air from industry-minded bullshit as well as the sense of hierarchy and commodity that can exist even within alternative or “DIY” spaces. FMLY is its own world, and that world perpetually inspires me to make things happen on my own terms.

I think the biggest misconception about FMLY is that it is solely music-oriented collective, or a blog, or a record label or something, when really FMLY ultimately feels more like a social movement of sorts, challenging the ways contemporary culture isolates individuals through the . . .


For Lena Dunham by Joe Steinhard
Dear Lena.

by Liana Helene
Maybe just a little.

by Pandora Christ
July stuff.

Playing Solitaire
Krillin' it at their record release show.

Almost a thousand Bostonians rally in support of Brazil / video and text by Casey Herz

Gay marriage changes only what inequality looks like /
by Allison Francis

Last week the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, making it possible for married gay couples to access the federal benefits they were previously denied – for example, gay federal employees’ spouses can get insurance through their partners, and gay married widows can receive their partners’ social security benefits. Striking down DOMA, as well as California’s Prop 8, moves the marriage conversation forward, opening up the option for states to legalize same-sex marriage.

If you read the headlines, you would think we’d . . .

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