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Almost a thousand Bostonians rally in support of Brazil
video and text by Casey Herz

The month of June should rightfully be considered one of the most memorable in recent history for social and political discontent. Taksim Square, Snowden, Wendy Davis, The Supreme Court, and Egypt are the names and places that have laid waste to the seemingly impenetrable apathy of our contemporary discourse. More simply put, "pragmatism" has been expelled; time to pick a side, d00d.

One of the latest upheavals that has garnered some mainstream attention has been the ascribed 'World Cup' protests in Brazil. What started out as a protest against the proposed raise in bus fare has developed into a full out disillusioned rebellion against police violence and a government rife with corruption and neoliberal values. 

With over 17,000 Brazilians living in the Boston-area alone, Massachusetts is home to the second largest Brazilian population in the United States. Given the popular anger of demonstrations, those nestled here in the confines of the Hub were determined to make that show.

On Sunday, June 23rd, an estimated 1,000 people came out to the Cambridge Commons to do just that. 

The messages ranged all over the place from income inequality to political reform to those gaudy Guy Faux masks. Neither can I recall an event in which there were explicit antifascist and fascist slogans. 

In an effort to grasp it all, I was able to interview one of the event's organizers Tomas Ventura. Though I certainly found myself having certain disagreements with how he envisioned the situation, Tomas provided a solid rundown of the importance of showing solidarity with Brazil, how the uprising unfolded, and what he expects the movement to accomplish.

Overall, I believe the movement in Brazil has incredible potential. But if there's anything myself and anyone can take away from this show of support, the past month has provided the subsistence for fruitful summer of global resistance.

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