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by Laura Irene

Growing up, my family, like many Mexican (American) families, tell the legend of el cucuy. El cucuy is a monster or a very bad person - which you are told to stay away from or watch out for. It is similar to what others call the boogeyman.

As a child you strike fear into the hearts of your younger siblings by whispering el cucuy is coming to get you at least once or twice before bed. It is all fun and games until your own fear takes over while you sleep evoking terror in your dreams. Parents talk of el cucuy when you misbehave to warn you of what happens to bad kids; el cucuy will come and take you away! You cry and scream as it is no joke - el cucuy is a bad time.

For centuries only ideas of what el cucuy looks like have been rendered, known to be amorphous. It has been described as half man half animal, the next door neighbor or even the shadow of death. A mystery indeed, until now! We have discovered the true el cucuy among the tall buildings in New York City and his name is donald trump. He is half monster and it is rumored he may also be half human! Ay, dios mio!! Get your kids out of the street, lock yourself in your house and hide under your bed, el cucuy trump is coming!

El cucuy is no longer just a childhood nightmare. It is a real monster out to eradicate the Mexican population from the USA. And this monster's immigration policy calls for an immediate deportation of 11 million immigrants. Not only is it inhumane to deport such a large number of human beings, his immigration plan would call for police and federal agents to racial profile communities, essentially enforcing anyone that looks Hispanic to show their papers. It is similar to the original intentions of Arizona's Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, SB 1070, the most controversial anti-immigrant law. . . .


by Grace Miceli
tfw Just Chilling w/ My Girls.

Halfling # 4
A roundtable on photography, gender, and inspiration.

by Anika Pyle
Our (dead) songs.

Two weeks ago there was a bad fire at The Silent Barn, an all-ages art space in Brooklyn where our editors have lived and several of our events have been held. The collective-run space is really important to us; please consider making a donation and contributing to their community-driven rebuilding efforts.

by Jes Skolnik

Hether Fortune has been making music with her band Wax Idols for about five years, in addition to playing in Blasted Canyons, White Lung, Hunx and His Punx, and Bare Wires. None of these projects are by any means her first. We've been internet acquaintances for a while via our overlapping social circles, and I've admired her musical work for quite a while. When I wrote an essay for the Talkhouse earlier this year on writing and performing music, she reached out to me to talk about similar experiences, and we started to bond and to really become genuine friends. . . .

by Eva Moochlan

I had the pleasure of interviewing TRNSGNDR/VHS in late July this year via email. We briefly discussed show culture, gimmicks & other curiosities. The latest release from TRNSGNDR/VHS, Condominium, channels a paradoxical sensibility that harmoniously balances a sense of unnerving anticipation with the feeling of protection amidst total chaos. This is TRNSGNDR/VHS. All sounds are made and produced by Alexandra Brandon, who is currently living in Baltimore City. *Welcome*. . . .

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