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An interview with The Goodbye Party /
by Beck Levy

In December, Salinas Records released The Goodbye Party’s full length album, Silver Blues, and I have listened to it every day since. The Goodbye Party, based in Philadelphia, is primarily the project of Michael Cantor. Since he is an old friend of mine, I know him as Mikey C. In contrast to the album’s heavy, often forlorn tunes, Mikey is one of the funniest people I know and a superlative pun-maker. And in contrast to the candid, vulnerable content of these songs, Mikey tends to be a more reserved and private person. That complexity is reflected in the scope of Silver Blues, which lingers in darker moments along with more upbeat pop tunes.

Songs range from simple and sparse to layered and lush, but . . .

An interview with Sara Nicole Storm /
by Daniele Daniele

Sara Nicole Storm lives in Pensacola, FL where she plays drums for No Code and is also part of a home-recorded electronic project called Nail Club. Over a series of three interviews last year, we talked about Florida, music, relationships, punk parenting, and more. The result of our conversations is compiled here.

Daniele Daniele: Where did you grow up? You live in Pensacola, FL currently, how did you arrive there? How long have you been there?

Sara Nicole Storm: I grew up in Las Vegas, NV for the majority of my life. Although I am really fond of Alabama, since I spent so many summers there with my grandparents. I really wanted to have the same feeling I did in Alabama, but not exactly move into a place that I had already been and already had memories of, knowing I couldn't relive the past, so Pensacola was the closest I could get to that.

A friend of mine named Andrew Restrepo (Friends & Relative Records) told me about this place in Pensacola called Sluggo's where everyone played shows and that, from hearsay, everyone there was really productive. So literally, I sold all of my belongings (the car, my clothes, a large portion of my record collection which was so, so difficult, furniture) and took off for Pensacola two weeks after making the decision. I have been here for four challenging years.

I know you play drums in No Code. Do you play in any other projects? Any other instruments?

I've been playing drums probably for three years casually and then seriously. I couldn't get the rhythm correctly for the sound I wanted to emulate. So everything came to me in my own way, even if . . .


Remembering Aaron Swartz
"What is the most important thing I could be working on in the world right now? And if you’re not working on that, why aren’t you?"

by Victoria Ruiz
"On Ferguson" @ Silent Barn.

by Allison Smartt
On Ferguson solidarity, unions, and people power: a 2014 reflection.

by Andru Okun
An excerpt from No Place for a Vacation.

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