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A reflection on moving home + exploring Virginia / by Caroline Rayner


by Jenn Pelly
I wanna see my memories bleed

by Pier Harrison
It's time to wake up.

by Faye Orlove
O Captain, my Captain!

Out here on the screened porch, I'm drinking iced coffee and wondering what kind of purple flowers are planted in the little fenced-in garden among the sunflowers. Maybe I haven't spent enough time outside, but I consider this a mild summer. At least for Richmond.

I grew up here, spending most of my time throughout high school studying and rehearsing for plays and listening to Neutral Milk Hotel. I wanted to write more and I wanted to share my writing. I wanted to hear more music and learn how to play music and start a band. But I didn't know how, so I blamed Richmond. I promised myself I'd leave and never come back.

I moved to Charlottesville and started listening to Waxahatchee and Beach House and St. Vincent. I went to a house shows and wrote about them. I made a book of poems about a road trip to Texas that I later realized might count as a zine. I met folks who liked all kinds of punk and we traded CDs. Then I moved to New York and started listening to Perfect Pussy and Hop Along and the So So Glos.

A new Radiator Hospital video / by Eddie Austin

Next month, the ever-incredible Salinas Records will release one of our favorite LPs of 2013, Radiator Hospital's Torch Song. This week we are super excited to premiere a video for a song from the album, "Bedtime Story." Read on for what Sam Cook-Parrott from Rad Hos had to say about the video ...

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