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On the myths surrounding South Texas’s Central American migration influx / by Patrick A. Garcia

A young Guatemalan woman is six months pregnant and is sitting atop the rusted metal roof of a freight train. She has one arm draped over her stomach, and her other arm is holding her 16 month old daughter tightly against her side. Around her and along the length of the moving train’s rooftop are hundreds of pre-teen boys and girls from Central America. They are sitting, or hopping between the cars, or gripping on to bars on the side of the carts as the train caterpillars through a concrete town in southern Mexico.

They are not riding atop . . .

An interview with Mary Regalado of Neonates
/ by Katie Alice Greer

Mary Jane Regalado is a modern-era hero of punk femme freaks and you'd never know from talking to her about it because she's frustratingly humble and quiet about the whole thing. I was a big fan of the personality injected into Mary's internet radio show Television Dinner, where she mostly played charmingly oddball 7" delights spanning many decades and countries. These were sick playlists, for sure, but mostly I liked them so much because they were a window into a stranger's personal taste and identity. Musical selections with feeling and most desirably, with predilection. . . .

Borders are industries

In February of this year, the Israeli border technology company Elbit Systems Ltd. won a $145 million contract with the Department of Homeland Security to help the US secure its borders. According to, information on the Federal Business Opportunities website detailed the Homeland Security contract as calling for a company to "deliver surveillance equipment such as radars and cameras, mounted on fixed towers to help agents detect and track 'items of interest' along the border."

WhoProfits.Org is a research center that exposes commercial involvement and international companies in the Israeli control over Palestinian and Syrian land -- in other words, they monitor the The Israeli Occupation Industry. also has a detailed report of Elbit's business in Israel: "One of two main providers of the electronic detection fence to the seamline and Wall project in the occupied West Bank," the site reads. "Specifically, received the contract to the Jerusalem Envelope section of the Wall (Masu'a system) with the US Detekion."

On trauma, ideology and the difficulty of history / by Tali SF

There is a memory that I have that is one of my most vivid, though it happened almost twenty years ago. Even then, the event was shrouded in a darkness that in my recollection has only intensified with age. On this night I was asleep on the top bunk of a bed that I shared with my camp counselor. Sara had just ended her tour of duty in the Israeli army and as was tradition amongst many soldiers at the time, left Israel thereafter to embark on a lengthy vacation throughout North America and Europe.

Like many former soldiers, Sara spent her summer as a counselor at a . . .


by Katie Bennett
Stinky girl in a van in August, heading to the west coast.

by Jeremy Sengly

PetalWar @ the Silent Barn
Covering the Cat Power classic "Rockets."

by Chris Lee
On touring as a non-musician.

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