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Liz Pelly
Liz was the former assistant music editor of the Boston Phoenix and current weekend editor for Stereogum. She has strong feelings about Polar seltzer water, the BPD crackdown on DIY shows, and keeping her wardrobe impressively monotone. E-mail Liz at lizpelly at gmail dot com

Faye Orlove
Faye was a former production artist for the Boston Phoenix. Currently, she splits her time between working nights at the Middle East, pedi-cabbing Boston tourists to Fenway park, and calling her mom crying. She enjoys nachos, riding her bike, and pretending Hole songs were written just for her. E-mail Faye at fayeorlove at gmail dot com or visit her personal website at resilientbastard.com

Matt Orlove
Matt used to work for NASA (which his sister thinks is the coolest thing ever). He is currently a software engineer for Captial One (which his sister thinks is less cool but she's still proud of him). His interests include video games, comic books, the J. Crew catalog, and Oreo milkshakes. E-mail Matt at mattheworlove at gmail dot com


Kerry Cardoza
Kerry is a freelance writer and summer enthusiast. Since 2007, she has published Girl Talk, a feminist zine and blog. She co-operates Amigos, a small press (and sometimes shop) that focuses on zines, artists' books, and art ephemera. Kerry also plays guitar in Mother Tongue. Follow her on Twitter @booksnotboys or @mothert0ngue

Freak Flag
Freak Flag is the raddest collective of Boston babes. They produce a quarterly zine and spin records at their monthly DJ nights at Radio and Zuzu. Check out these freaks' latest shows and upcoming projects at freakflagboston.com or hang out in person on July 17th at Zuzu for some live noise. Mention Dolly Parton and they'll love you for life.

Casey Herz
Casey is a former music industry journeyman turned philosophy major, activist, and filmmaker. He has an unhealthy obsession with Mick Jagger's lips, devoutly believes Live Nation is the Anti-Christ, and spends his spare time swooning over everything Werner Herzog and Stanley Kubrick. E-mail Casey at caseyherz at gmail dot com

Ethan Long
Ethan Long was dumped on Boston's shores five years ago from New Haven, CT. He truly believes that JFK was killed in a government conspiracy and that the oil companies hold all the power. When not digging in archives he can be found at the Hess Station off North Harvard Street, where he serves as mayor.

Cassandra Long
Cassandra lives alone with other artists in a house called The Cloud Club in the South End. She draws a lot. She paints a little. She writes a lot. Most of her time is spent trying to balance her relationship with herself and her relationship with other people. You can see other stuff she has done at fundrawtime.tumblr.com or e-mail her at cassandramarielong at gmail dot com

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