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Liz Pelly
Liz was the former assistant music editor of the Boston Phoenix and current weekend editor for Stereogum. She has strong feelings about Polar seltzer water, the BPD crackdown on DIY shows, and keeping her wardrobe impressively monotone. E-mail Liz at lizpelly at gmail dot com

Faye Orlove
Faye was a former production artist for the Boston Phoenix. Currently, she splits her time between working nights at the Middle East, pedi-cabbing Boston tourists to Fenway park, and calling her mom crying. She enjoys nachos, riding her bike, and pretending Hole songs were written just for her. E-mail Faye at fayeorlove at gmail dot com or visit her personal website at resilientbastard.com

Matt Orlove
Matt used to work for NASA (which his sister thinks is the coolest thing ever). He is currently a software engineer for Captial One (which his sister thinks is less cool but she's still proud of him). His interests include video games, comic books, the J. Crew catalog, and Oreo milkshakes. E-mail Matt at mattheworlove at gmail dot com


Brittany Mitchell
Brittany is originally from Florida but has been living in Boston for the past four years. She likes hiking, herbalism, travelling, and DIYing literally anything and everything. She volunteers at the Cambridge Women's Center as a feminist peer counsellor. Also, in January she started a vegan bakery called Sweet as the South that does special order stuff and events.

Dina Kelberman
Dina lives in Baltimore. She makes comics, animated gifs, paints cardboard, and routinely brings garbage into her house. She loves her friends dearly and is a founding member of the "art collective" Wham City. Her comics are serialized in the Baltimore City Paper, on Tiny Mix Tapes, and on Mutant Funnies. She can be found on the internet at importantcomics.com, dinakelberman.com, and a few other places.

Jenn Pelly
Jenn lives in Brooklyn, New York (heard of it?) and works as a staff writer for Pitchfork (heard of it?) She is excited to distribute Cryptophasia, her new zine alongside twin sister, Liz Pelly. Jenn doesn't like brunch. We don't talk about it. E-mail Jenn at jennpelly at gmail dot com

Marry Pivazian
Marry is a Los Angeles-native and photographer for Allston Pudding. She has over 30 striped articles of clothing in her closet and enjoys long bike rides along the Charles River while listening to the same records on loop. Her favorite fruit is a peach.

St. Ripper
St. Ripper is a Boston area punk band and all around gang of the coolest people you'll ever meet. They are Amanda on vox, Emma on keys, Elaine on guitar, Jen on bass, and Ginn on drums. Check them out at saintripper666.com and grab some sweet knife/combs while you're looking up their upcoming shows.

Ali Donohue
Ali is a full time cat enthusiast and pizza lover and a part time freelancer and waitress. Ali helped organize Smash it Dead Fest for the past two years with some of her favorite people and is already stoked for the fest to happen again in 2014. She plays in the bands Tomboy, Fleabite, Greasepile, and Shrew. Ali "loves DIY concerts."

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