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Liz Pelly
Liz was the former assistant music editor of the Boston Phoenix and current weekend editor for Stereogum. She has strong feelings about Polar seltzer water, the BPD crackdown on DIY shows, and keeping her wardrobe impressively monotone. E-mail Liz at lizpelly at gmail dot com

Faye Orlove
Faye was a former production artist for the Boston Phoenix. Currently, she splits her time between working nights at the Middle East, pedi-cabbing Boston tourists to Fenway park, and calling her mom crying. She enjoys nachos, riding her bike, and pretending Hole songs were written just for her. E-mail Faye at fayeorlove at gmail dot com or visit her personal website at

Matt Orlove
Matt used to work for NASA (which his sister thinks is the coolest thing ever). He is currently a software engineer for Captial One (which his sister thinks is less cool but she's still proud of him). His interests include video games, comic books, the J. Crew catalog, and Oreo milkshakes. E-mail Matt at mattheworlove at gmail dot com


Damon Krukowski
Damon is a musician (Damon & Naomi, Galaxie 500) and writer (Afterimage, The Memory Theater Burned). He also edits the press and e-zine Exact Change. Find him on Twitter @dada_drummer, via the website, or just stop him around town and say hi.

Jeff Reinhardt
Jeff Reinhardt is an activist and puppeteer who spends a lot of time in Boston and Vermont. He plays with dolls...ahem I mean puppets, quite a bit for a grown man, and organizes parades and festivals with them (and occasionally other people). He does write sometimes, and used to be writer/editor/designer for the BAAM Newsletter, The Boston Underground, and Boston Indymedia, and wrote for some more legitimate publications he'd rather not mention. He's often found trying to avoid paying rent living in a broken down van, or on some sort of cushion at a friends house.

Paula Mejia
Paula is a Tex-pat currently residing in Washington, DC, where she is an MA candidate for English Literature and Creative Writing. She is a Staff Writer for Consequence of Sound, and frequently writes for Village Voice, Washington City Paper, FILTER and others. She digs My Bloody Valentine, piping hot black coffee with a side of cherry pie, and traveling to strange places. She wants to hear your stories: pmejia09 at gmail dot com

Ethan Silverstein
Ethan once got $100 from a drunk millionaire impressed that Ethan stood up for a friend outside a Bruins game. Ethan's just a good dude like that. One of the best. Contact him at ethanethan at riseup dot net and feel free to throw more hundred$ his way.

David Rosenfeld
David is a modest man. How modest? He's the most humble and down to earth person the world has ever known, ever. He also has a dog named Larry. You can listen to his semi-frequent mix series Burger Jams here and follow his bad puns on Twitter @davidrosenfeld

Sylvia Kim
Sylvia produces the Halfling zine. She also likes noodles. Email her at cilviakim at gmail dot com

Adrienne Marie Naylor
Adrienne has been a zine librarian at Papercut since 2010. Providing access to information and unique print materials count among her favorite things, up there with riding bikes, eating all the vegan things, and accessing information and unique print materials. Her wallet holds no fewer than nine distinct library cards. With her MA in history and certificate in archives, Naylor ranks among our city's overeducated and underemployed. Please hire her to do something that is not retail, food service, or canvassing.

Austin Kindred
Austin is an amateur golfer, semi-pro car enthusiast, and professional connoisseur of Samuel Adams' Octoberfest seasonal brew. In his spare time he enjoys living and dying with the Redskins, driving his Subaru, and getting his ass handed to him in Halo 4 (he swears it's just an off night and begs you to check his K/D for proof). E-mail Austin at austin.kindred at gmail dot com

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