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A Reflective Tapes primer / by Josh Hoey

Josh Hoey lives in Olympia and runs the Reflective Tapes, a DIY indie rock label that has released tunes by the likes of Box Fan, Squilll, Congratulations, Parasol, Pines and more. We are fans of the label so we asked Josh to make a mixtape of the artists they've released, their friends, and artists that generally orbit their community. Stream it below and read Josh’s commentary on each track. Hear more Reflective Tapes releases

Shane Dupuy - "Unintended Consequence"
The guitarist/songwriter of LAIKA'S ORBIT, ascendant New England power-poppers, presents his debut solo EP. Shane played all the instruments and recorded it himself, and the result is shiny, pure pop in the manner of CLEANERS FROM VENUS and the New Zealand/FLYING NUN scene in general.

Bad Sleep - "Bad Rep"
Lily Richeson (PARASOL, SQUILLL) leads this brand-new Olympia trio, specializing in bouncy power-pop with some wonderful guitar solos and her incisive personal/political lyrical style. This EP will be released on vinyl via RUMBLETOWNE/GET BETTER RECORDS in early 2017.

Alien Boy - "Burning II"
Portland, Oregon's ALIEN BOY specialize in driving, atmospheric indie punk with queer themes. They blend elements of goth, shoegaze, and all manner of punk styles into a cohesive whole.

Heavy Pockets - "One Of The Boys"
New Hampshire's DIY community is an often-overlooked gem, and leading the way, along with CHARLES and NOTCHES, are HEAVY POCKETS and their crunchy take on indie pop with fiercely feminist sentiments.

Box Fan - "Are We Even Try"
Olympia's "apartment-rock" band's fourth tape in under two years should appeal to fans of Guided By Voices, Butterglory, and Small Factory, utilizing fuzzy, open-tuned guitar riffs and two folks singing every line in unison (Disclaimer - I am in this band so y'know).

Blood Orphans - "Buhne Is A Rollercoaster"
Olympia's Matt Summers has been writing gloomy, atmospheric indie rock as BLOOD ORPHANS since high school. They combine elements of early-90s emo (VITREOUS HUMOR, GARDEN VARIETY), gothish heaviness, and detached vocals in the style of PEDRO THE LION or RED HOUSE PAINTERS.

Pines - "How To Live On Disappointment Alone"
Yet another Olympia band, PINES play a style of basement emo without intending to. Singer/guitarist Ruth's songwriting relies on arpeggiated guitar lines, unconventional song structures and rhythmic dynamics while Vicky and Erica provide a spot-on backbone.

Worn Leather - "Time To Go"
New Haven is another town with an underappreciated DIY community, one with an emphasis on garage rock. This sounds like (and is) the result of DIY punks trying their hand at poppier stuff with guitar solos and stuff. WORN LEATHER's third tape was recorded by Stefan of ESTROGEN HIGHS, another wonderful garage-ish NHV band.

Pleasure Systems - "Colorblind"
Clarke from WASHBOARD ABS' new bedroom pop project relies on clunky programmed drums, distorted guitar and keyboard riffs, bummed-out vocals and lots of reverb and processing to craft deceptively simple atmospheric lo-fi indie.

Twelve Gardens - "Captain Spark"
Portland's TWELVE GARDENS are a very special band who exemplify the best aspects of DIY/punk in 2016. Their music comprises elements of post-rock, garage, emo, classic American indie and much more.

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