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“laundry day”
by jay nomi

because when
big brother; dark eyes
says your requests are ridiculous
i breathe i feel “i’m
too much too oversensitive too
fucking queer”
My name my name my
mother gave me as i left
the protection of her body i was put
into this body and a name
was burned into me
big brother tells me it’s ridiculous
that i hurt ridiculous that
i have memories attached to these body parts open
big brother does not know i have
a war on my body in my body
what gives you the right to fire the first
fucking cannon
big brother
first born
oh how you hold my well being up
to your freedom of speech
big brother, to you,
big brother i am
stupid sister stupid
stupid girl doesnt know her
birth certificate
stupid girl wants not to be murdered
stupid girl speaks out
stupid girl feels uncomfortable oh stupid
girl doesn’t know her vagina
i am big brother, listen
to my testosterone slip through my breath stupid
girl doesn’t know my place
for her

+ + +

by naomi weintraub

got a whole lot of
wrapped around his neck
got an adams apple of amnesia
floating on voice box
words crackling out through his graveyard of teeth
is this why those girls name him
or is it
the way he creeps into my dreams of espionage
rocks pinging off the window
into a whole nother universe
idk man
is this why he's mysterious
on better thought its probably the
galaxy swallows up
lets his eyes drag back into his head
and his lids dawn shut
hes so lucky to be mysterious
got no cares in the world
just a little white fuck boy
he can stroll down 16th street and not even worry
he can pack his pockets high with cigarette smoke and not even cough
is that what mysterious feels like

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