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/ by Noa Mori

Boy in Bleachers
I took this while I was at the park babysitting these two little boys last year. There was this boy searching for a ball in the bleachers next to a baseball field and I loved the way he disappeared into the bleachers, so instead of intently watching my little boys as they biked around the park, I creepily photographed this other boy in the bleachers.

Bermuda Shapes
This one is from this weird beach resort in bermuda that my sister and I snuck into last summer. We were there just the two of us and spent a week exploring around. Some locals told us to check out this beach resort and sneak in and give them a fake room number so we could use their pool. So we did that but I was so paranoid and anxious that they would figure out that we were fraud. I took this photo as we were sneaking around the resort. I really loved the architecture of the island. All of the buildings were uniform and had these white terraced roofs that collected rain water. They were incredible. What was so striking about this composition was the bright orange of the building and the impenetrable blue sky. But I think even in black and white, the shape and contrast still feels powerful.

Altitude Patterns
I took this photo from an airplane as we were about to land in Bozeman, Montana. I always try to sit in window seats on airplanes. I love staring out of the tiny ovals, my nose pressed to plexiglass. It’s so magical to see the landscapes shift as you float over them. You can really understand and experience the world in a way that is unfathomable when you’re just walking around. This pattern emerged as we entered a hilly section. I think the patches were due to differences in altitude. I just thought it looked so beautiful, like a Matisse Cut-Out.

Microbial Mats
This is from a microbial mat in Yellowstone. I went on this week-long pre-orientation program this summer right before moving into college. It was an eerie limbo period before embarking on a new chapter of life. We camped out and drove around the park reading about Geobiology. We got to hike around nature and also geek out about the cool microbes. But I was so happy to explore and observe these incredible features and life forms. One night, at camp, we put on a play where we acted out thermophilic bacteria.

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