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An interview with Chaska Sofia

"Entangled: two objects sent in two different directions, if the state of one object is altered instantaneously, no matter how far apart in space the two objects are."
-- Black Quantum Futurism Zine

Chaska Sofia a/k/a Precolumbian is the organizer of the "Anything for Selenas" dance spaces in Philadelphia. She also curated the mixtape for this issue. Chaska constantly confronts cultural hegemony through her online educational presence, introducing political musicians to each other, and DJing at conferences and events that bring together Queer people, People of Color, and futurists. Precolumbian played a Pisces party in Providence, and the last song was a cosmic remix of Bidi Bidi Bomb Bomb. Of course, she didn't know that this was the song I learned how to perform to. My grandma would play it in our patio on repeat and I was sing into a lawn ornament on repeat. Once again, Selena brought beautiful Browns together! -- Victoria Ruiz

What was your first interaction with Selena?
My first times listening to Selena were in the early 90s on the radio and TV when I was a teenager. The Amor Prohibido video would always play on TV and that was my favorite song of hers then! I was so emo and all my amores were prohibidos as a young confused queer/trans person and not really knowing it or having language or people to process that, so I would always listen to Amor Prohibido and cry, like holding this small pillow that I had since I was a baby.

What does Selena mean to you?
Selena is so many things, just like a powerful young brown woman doing it big in a male-dominated industry. As a Latina woman she was pushing a lot of boundaries in music and fashion. She was a Boss B at 22.

Why did you decide to start the Anything for Selena's Dance Party?
I wanted to create a space that mirrored my experience in the US as an immigrant, as someone who is part of a particular diaspora. For me, growing up, Selena was a symbol of being Latina in the US. I immigrated at a young age and, because of white supremacy, I pushed myself to assimilate really quickly and drop my accent or whatever. I connected to the ittle things like the accent of her Spanglish. And i feel like a lot of Latinxs connected with her in many different ways and she holds a place in a lot of Latinx hearts. So I thought I would dedicate this to her and to all the brown folks whose lives she touched.

Holding all heroes in critical accord, where would you want to push Selena as fellow artist?
While she was a boss, she was also mad conservative about stuff like abortion. I remember watching this interview where they asked her about teen pregnancy among young Latinas (of course right?!?!?) and she was totally preaching about abstinence. So like, I would definitely talk to her about some of that if I ran into her hologram at SXSW.

What is your favorite Selena photo?
Can I share a gif?!?!? This one because the leather jacket and bustier and her spins are just legendary.

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