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Think and Die Thinking Fest announces initial lineup

Last year in our Smash It Dead Fest issue, we included a guide to similarly-minded inclusive punk fests, including Think And Die Thinking, an annual festival that started in 2011 in San Jose, CA, focusing on featuring youth, queers, punks, radicals, and trans-folk. Members of Try the Pie (also featured in this week's issue) are involved in organizing the fest. "The aim is not to centralize influence, but to empower every single member in the community," the organizers write on their website, "allowing them to realize that they are effective and they can make a difference." Today they announced the initial lineup for 2015 and it rules.

The entire confirmed line-up so far includes: Bad Daddies, Great Hart, Winter Break, Try The Pie, The Younger Lovers, Wizard Apprentice, Dog Breth, The Bedroom Witch, Colonia, Fleabite, Long Knives, Wallflower, Salt Flat, First World Problems, Soft drink, Permanent Ruin, Renais, VWLS, Tall Can, Ragana, Rex Goliath, Little Sister, Bascom, Drawing Water, Mallory, Jr. Adelberg, Rayanne, Butch vs Femme, Saoirse, haley, Void Boys, Pebbles, and Snaggletooth.

Follow Think and Die Thinking here, here and here.

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Interference Archive to host a show on political music this summer, looking for submissions

Interference Archive is a volunteer-run archive in Gowanus, Brooklyn, dedicated to preserving cultural ephemera related to social movements. You might remember an article we ran about them in October, to preview their show Self-Determination Inside/Out. The space houses thousands of publications, fliers, zines, buttons, plus other bits and pieces, and also hosts events and exhibitions. We were excited to open their email newsletter this week and learn that this summer, the space will be housing an exhibition dedicated to political music. They're currently looking for submissions of stories about music and politics. Here's what the email said:

Interference Archive is planning an exhibition for the summer of 2015 (tentatively titled "If a song could be freedom...: Organized Sounds of Resistance") which will focus on the role of music in politics and social movements. Over the next few months we're requesting many different contributions and we'll begin today with the question: *What song or album has been politically influential to you, and how?* Please send us your answer in an email to We hope to incorporate a number of your responses into our exhibition design along with the music that inspired your writing.

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This year's NYC Feminist Zine Fest is March 7

The NYC Feminist Zine Fest is coming up! This year's fest will take place on Saturday, March 7, from 12-6pm at Barnard College. It's free and open to the public. There will be workshops and zine readings. In advance of the fest, there will be a "Meet Your (Feminist Zine Fest) Makers" event on February 28 at Bluestockings. More details on the NYC Feminist Zine Fest blog. Flyer above by Slim Lopez.

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Imogen Binnie, Mitski, Meredith Graves, Suzy X appearing on panel at Smith College

Ally Einbinder and Samantha Chaplin have organized a great panel on identity and authenticity in music and media at Smith College next Saturday, February 28. It's called "'Is She Really a Musician?' Navigating Identity and Authenticity in Music and Media" and features musician and author Imogen Binnie, writer and illustration Suzy Exposito, Mitski Miyawaki of Mitski, and Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy. More info can be found here. Above flyer by Samantha Chaplin.

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"I Will Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath: Punk and the Art of Feminism" at Brooklyn Museum

In related "feminist art discussions" news, the Brooklyn Museum's Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art is hosting a panel on "the confrontational forces of punk rock and feminism" on Thursday, March 12, looking at the work of artists, writers and curators Osa Atoe, Johanna Fateman, Narcissister, Lydia Lunch, and Astria Suparak. "Punk has long been a refuge for nonconformists, a platform for DIY experimentation, and a means for voicing rage," writes the Museum on its website. "These panelists will discuss the aesthetics and politics of punk in their own lives and work." The panel is organized by A.I.R. Gallery and the Institute for Women and Art at Rutgers University, and moderated by Leah DeVun. More information here.

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