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by David Turner

I graduated from college this year. I went to Chicago - second time, New York City - first. I wrote for publications, where saying I dreamed of seeing my byline in them would be an understatement. Still I sit now back at home in North Carolina ready to escape to new lands. Well less so lands, but to cold urban anti-environments that certain types of people in their twenties go, because that's where people well beyond their twenties tell them to go and places they've convinced themselves solves some kind of question they, and no one else around them, proposed.

Navigating all these thoughts, I sought guidance back in the music I've always loved and found the most emotionally rewarding: Rap. Below are lyrics from 2014 that weighed on my mind or right under my breath, for better or worse, the last twelve months. And the choices are a bit anti-social, but so am I so, it works.

I could've been a lawyer or a doctor / I said fuck that I need mula I'm a robba / You ain't gone be shit when you grow up you a liar / I'm on Fire / I'm on Fire (Shy Glizzy - "I'm Fire")

Might get my license renewed / Get some ice and some jewels / Finger my wife by the pool / Cause life is so cruel (Father - "Dame Fuego")

I used to think I was in love but now I just see it was just lust (Que - "Frankie Lymon")

Too many days gone by / Sittin by the phone waitin till I reply / Dry my eyes believe it or not / I could never see a tear fallin / Water drippin off of me like a faucet (Future - "Codeine Crazy")

I had to make a couple bands by my lonely / I had to make a couple bands by my lonely / I had to make a couple bands by my lonely / I had to make a couple bands by my lonely (Speaker Knockerz - "Lonely")

I guess the pigs split wigs for the greater good / Cause I ain't seen them lock a swine up yet / At the most they reassign em to prevent protest / Just your color enough to get you under arrest / Strong hand of the law got me feelin oppressed (Vince Staples - "Hands Up")

All we wanna do is take off the chains off / All we wanna do is break the chains off / All we wanna do is be free / All we wanna do is be free (J. Coles - "Be Free")

I don't wanna do no songs / I don't wanna kick it / And I ain't signin to no label / Bitch I'm independent (Dej Loaf - "Try Me")

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