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Violet Bruce

Violet Bruce is an LA-based illustrator whose work is "mostly an outlet for her to shamelessly explore sexual and fantastical thoughts." More of her work can be found at her tumblr.

What are some of your influences when creating visual art?

One of my very favorite inspirations is Franz Von Bayros. He's an illustrator from the 1800s who did a lot of fun scandalous erotica. His work is very detailed and flowery, but strange; kind of like my own work.

Why is illustration your chosen medium? Do you believe it to be a powerful tool in communicating or imagining?

Illustration is fun and tactile. My drawings always feel like tiny diary entries or something. I've always loved cartoons and drawing, its what came natural to me!

Your "Pantie Pattern" is so beautiful. I feel really empowered by women artists finding their own sense of beauty in items that are commonly hyper-sexualized by men. Does that make sense? What is your fascination with lingerie?

Yes! Totally makes sense and I entirely agree. I'm not sure where my love of lingerie truly came from, but I've loved heels since I was very young, and always loved dressing up. Despite being hyper-sexualized, for me, wearing lingerie has always felt like a powerful experience. Panties are just the right balance of naughty and adorable to me, sassy n sweet and suuuuper fun to draw!

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