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by Noah Klein

i ♥ zines. they're unfiltered, unashamed pages of personal philosophy that fit oh so comfortably into your pocket. from the method of page folding to the politics of page binding, the practice of zine-making is one of the most tangibly intimate experiences that i've held with a stranger's imagination. january brought los angeles an art book fair. it was aesthetically interesting, but i left feeling like my heart and mind had been the subject of sterilization. there was a lack of respect for the wide eyed amateurism that makes self-publishing such a beautiful exploration. so when february brought los angeles a zine festival, i brought my sketchbook. over the course of several hours i wandered from table to table meeting some of the most fantastic individuals, a few heroes, and felt so overcome with appreciation for the event that it felt necessary to document. here are a handful of contributions from some of the lovely people that i met, a zine of the zine fest for the zine fest. it's nothing too grand, but this is a thank you to the organizers of the l.a. zine fest as well as the [volunteer] organizers for any community-oriented festival that encourages any and all attendees that they too are filled with the potential to manifest a vision. keep the dream alive.

thank you to the sweethearts that shared their scribbles: adam roth, ben catmull, box brown, dust t., girl barf, graham chaffee, gut feelings, jt steiny, laura paul [fluxus los angeles], rachel scheer [rachel comics], robyn baker, sean solomon, tori holder, victor c [double fur press]

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